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Wednesday February 17, 2016, 08:00-19:00, Northwest Campus Auditorium

  • 07:30-08:00: Continental breakfast

Session 1: Inaugural talk and cosmology - Chairperson: Edward Wright

Session 2: Indirect dark matter detection and LIGO - Chairperson: Rene Ong

Session 3: Collider searches and direct detection - Chairperson: Elliott Bloom

Session 4: Theory, axions, and history - Chairperson: Laura Baudis

Thursday February 18, 2016, 08:00-19:15, Northwest Campus Auditorium

  • 07:30-08:00: Continental breakfast

Session 5: Dark matter and structure in the Universe - Chairperson: Joel Primack

Session 6: Indirect detection, the GeV excess from the galactic center, antideuterons, CTA - Chairperson: Francis Halzen

Session 7: Dark matter at the LHC - Chairperson: Howard Baer

Session 8: Sterile neutrino, dark photon, and axion dark matter searches - Chairperson: Pierre Sikivie

Session 9: Dark matter theory - Chairperson: Alexander Kusenko

Session 10: Directional dark matter detectors< - Chairperson: George Fuller

Friday February 19, 2016, 08:00-19:30, Northwest Campus Auditorium

  • 07:30-08:00: Continental breakfast

Session 11: Direct dark matter detection experiments I - Chairperson: Graciela Gelmini

Session 12: Direct dark matter experiments II - Chairperson: Richard Gaitskell

Session 13: Next Generation (G2) direct dark matter detection experiments - Chairperson: Leszek Roszkowski

Session 14: Upcoming detectors, calibration, technological issues I - Chairperson: Elena Aprile

Session 15: Upcoming detectors, calibration, technological issues II: Chairperson: Frank Calaprice

Session 16: Laboratories - Chairperson: Hanguo Wang

  • 18:20-18:40: Nigel Smith (SNOLAB): The status of the SNOLAB Science Programme
  • 18:40-19:00: Aldo Ianni (Canfranc Underground Laboratory): Status of the Canfranc Underground Laboratory
  • 19:00-19:20: Qian Yue (Tsinghua University): China JinPing Underground Laboratory (CJPL)

  • 19:30-21:30: Conference dinner and tribute to David B. Cline, Salon A, Covel Commons

Francis Halzen and Katsushi Arisaka will speak first, followed by short contributions from Elena Aprile, Leszek Roszkowski, Katherine Freese, Joel Primack, and a member David Cline's family. If you're attending only the Friday evening dinner, you can purchase parking at the Sunset Village (SV) parking structure adjacent to Covel Commons. Pay stations are located near the entryway off Charles E Young Drive. They accept credit cards, $1 bills and $5 bills.

Saturday February 20, 2016, 09:00 through the afternoon, Physics & Astronomy Building (PAB) 1-425

We are holding a Memorial Symposium for David B. Cline, with presentations celebrating his scientific accomplishments.