A Symposium to Celebrate the Life of David B. Cline

UCLA Physics & Astronomy

Saturday February 20, 2016

PAB 1-425

Symposium organizers: Katsushi Arisaka, Robert Cousins, Graciela Gelmini, Roberto Peccei, James Rosenzweig, Jean Turner, Hanguo Wang.

Confirmed speakers

  • William Barletta (USPAS/MIT/UCLA)
  • Lucy Fortson (U. Minnesota)
  • George Fuller (UC San Diego)
  • Francis Halzen (U. Wisconsin)
  • Jim Kolonko (UCLA)
  • Peter McIntyre (Texas A&M U.)
  • Thomas Muller (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
  • Claudio Pellegrini (UCLA)
  • James Rosenzweig (UCLA)
  • Michael Turner (U. Chicago)
  • Hanguo Wang (UCLA)

David B. Cline

We will celebrate the life and accomplishments of Distinguished Professor David B. Cline whose visionary ideas, passion for science, and innovative contributions have impacted for more than half a century a broad range of scientific research.

This day-long symposium will offer us an opportunity to share our memories of Professor Cline.