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Where does a physics degree lead to? Explore some options with our career panels!
Physics in teaching, research, industry, government, academia, and beyond

Plenary Panels:

Plenary Workshops:

Diversity, Implicit Bias & Overcoming Obstacles in Physics Speakers

Dean Robin L. Garrell (UCLA)

Dean of UCLA Division of Graduate Education
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Dr. Elizabeth Merritt (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Dr. Farisa Morales (JPL)


Prof. Smadar Naoz (UCLA)

Industry Careers Speakers

Auna Moser (General Atomics)


Tatiana Vinogradova (Northrop Grumman)

Senior Technical Fellow

Bonnie Valant-Spaight (The Aerospace Corporation)

Engineering Specialist

Madison Burgess (Civic Solar)

Platform Developer

Emily Mathison (General Atomics)


Kirsten Boedeker (Toshiba)

National Lab Careers Speakers

Dr. Rosaly Lopes (JPL)

Nora Norvell (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)

Dr. Maria Alejandra Barrios Garcia (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Dr. Kathy Prestridge (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Dr. Annmarie Eldering (JPL/Caltech)

Professional Skills Workshop Leader

Dr. Kathy Prestridge (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Resume Writing Workshop Leaders

Roni Lavi (UCLA)

Career Counselor

Cortney Bougher (American Physical Society)

Member Networking and Career Programs Coordinator
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Understanding & Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Workshop Leaders

Dr. Breann Sitarski (The Aerospace Corporation)

Technical Staff

Emily Martin (UCLA)