Breakout Sessions


Applying to grad school, future careers or work-life balace woes? We got you covered with with various interactive breakout sessions to stretch your professional skills and personal mindset!

U-Pick Breakout Session Options:

Graduate School & Beyond Panelists

Prof. Alice Shapley (UCLA)

Dr. Zahra Aghajan (UCLA)

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Dr. Zahra Alavi (UCLA)

Graduate Student

Gurleen Bal (UCLA)

Physics Graduate Student

Chandler Schupf (UCLA)

Physics Graduate Student

Anna Ciurlo (UCLA)

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Transferring from Community College to a Four-Year Physics Program Panelists

Heather Adams (UCLA)

Transfer Student Center: Transfer Student Program Director
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Jessica Artinger (UCLA)

Tracy-Ying Zhang (UCLA)

Funding and Scholarship Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Panelists

Dr. Kathy Prestridge (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Devin Horton (UCLA)

Dr. Cami Collins (General Atomics)

Dr. Breann Sitarski (The Aerospace Corporation)

Technical Staff

Research Topics in Physics Panelists

Prof. Nadya Mason (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Prof. Maria Spiropulu (California Institute of Technology)

Prof. Hilke Schlichting (UCLA)

Prof. Shenshen Wang (UCLA)

Professor of Physics

Dr. Elizabeth Merritt (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Dr. Kathy Prestridge (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Prof. Jean Turner (UCLA)

Department Chair of UCLA Physics & Astronomy
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Dr. Kate Kirby (American Physical Society)

Prof. Loredana Vetere (Pomona College)

Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Diverse Careers in Physics: Teaching Focus Panelists

Valerie Risk (Albany High School, CA)

Physics Teacher

Becky Niemira (Hawthorne High School, CA)

Student Teacher

Cristina Cadavid (CSU Northridge)

Professor of Physics

Diverse Careers in Physics Panelists

Dr. Cathy O'Riordan (American Institute of Physics)

Dr. Katie Richardson (U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich)

Jamie Warburton (Central Intelligence Agency)

Technical Intelligence Officer

Laura Marchand (ME Engineers)

Work & Life: Balancing Career, Family & Self Panelists

Dr. Kate Kirby (American Physical Society)

Cortney Bougher (American Physical Society)

Member Networking and Career Programs Coordinator
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Dr. Farisa Morales (JPL)


Karina Kangas (General Atomics)