Prof. Alice Shapley (UCLA)

Professor Shapley received her BA from Harvard-Radcliffe University in 1997, and her PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 2003. She was a Miller Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, from 2003-2005 before joining the faculty of the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University as an assistant professor in 2005. In 2007, Alice accepted a faculty position at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, where she is currently a full professor. She received both Sloan and Packard Foundation Fellowships in 2006, and was honored as the 2014 Aaronson Memorial Lecturer at the University of Arizona. Alice uses both large ground-based telescopes and space-based facilities to collect optical and infrared images and spectra of distant galaxies observed in the early universe, in order to understand galaxy formation and evolution. With her collaborators at the University of California, she recently completed a large survey of the high-redshift universe using the MOSFIRE instrument on the Keck I telescope, in order to measure the physical properties of distant galaxies.