Name Affiliation Presentation
Wolfgang Altmannshofer UC Santa Cruz Status of the flavor anomalies
Mayumi Aoki Kanazawa University Gravitational waves from phase transition in a hidden QCD sector
Simeon Bird UC Riverside Dark Matter Constraints from Low-redshift Lyman-alpha
R. Sekhar Chivukula UC San Diego Scattering Amplitude Sum Rules in Kaluza-Klein Gauge and Gravitational Theories
Andrei Derevianko University of Nevada, Reno Atomic probes of the dark sector
Zsolt Frei Eotvos University A Galaxy Catalog for Multimessenger Astronomy
Noemie Globus New York University UHECR-AGN Connection
Stefania Gori UC Santa Cruz Novel experiments for axion-like particles
Eric Hudson UCLA HUNTER: Precision Sterile Neutrino Search Based on a Laser Cooled Atomic Source
Satoshi Iso KEK and Sokendai Hierarchy problem: Implication to Cosmology (Supercooled universe) and Implication from Superstrings (Revolving D-branes)
Alexander Kusenko UCLA and Kavli IPMU Primordial black holes
Amir Levinson Tel Aviv University Black hole activation and high energy emission
Manfred Lindner Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics Conformal extensions of the Standard Model
Jim Madsen UW-River Falls Neu News from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Shigeki Matsumoto Kavli IPMU, U. Tokyo Light Fermionic WIMP Dark Matter with Light Scalar Mediator
Takuya Morozumi Hiroshima University Lepton Number Violation in a unified framework
Shigehiro Nagataki RIKEN Finding Imprints of Type Ia Suprenova Explosions in Their Remnants
Taku Onishi Mie University Quantum Chemistry of Helium Atom: Covalent Bonding Formation
Josef Pradler Austrian Academy of Sciences The photon as new physics messenger
Joe Sato Saitama University Big-bang nucleosynthesis and Leptogenesis in CMSSM
Osamu Seto Hokkaido University Gravitational waves from minimal and nonminimal gauged U(1) phase transition
Mikhail Shaposhnikov EPFL Conformal symmetry: toward the link between the Fermi and the Planck scales
Satoshi Shirai Kavli IPMU Collider Studies of Viable SUSY Dark Matter Models
Elizabeth H. Simmons UC San Diego Scattering Amplitudes of Massive Spin-2 Kaluza-Klein States Grow as O(s)
Tadayuki Takahashi Kavli IPMU From High Energy Astrophysics to Medical Imaging Interdisciplinary activities for in-vivo cancer research based on advanced technology of gamma-ray imaging
Fumihiro Takayama Kyoto University Tiny remnant of symmetry breaking imprinted on nature of neutrino mass and dark matter
Koji Tsumura Kyoto U. Geometry of Extended Higgs sector
Slava G. Turyshev Jet Propulsion Laboratory, UCLA Optical Properties of the Solar Gravitational Lens
Daniel Whiteson UC Irvine Learning Physics from the Machine: interpretable machine learning for particle physics
Masahide Yamaguchi Tokyo Institute of Technology Invertible field transformations with derivatives: necessary and sufficient conditions
Masahito Yamazaki Kavli IPMU, UTokyo Quantum Gravity versus "Low-Energy" Physics
Tien-Tien Yu U. of Oregon Updated BBN Constraints on Ultralight Scalar Dark Matter