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The 2019 KAPA Science Team Meeting will bring together scientists and engineers from California and Hawaii to work on the design, development, and deliverables of the Keck All-sky Precision Adaptive-optics (KAPA) project.

KAPA (see AO4ELT6 paper or see poster or website) will deploy a laser-guided tomographic adaptive optics system that opens nearly the entire sky to high-quality, diffraction-limited infrared imaging. KAPA will expand the scientific reach of the Keck I telescope, one of the worlds largest optical/infrared telescopes.

At this meeting, The KAPA science team will review KAPA progress and begin planning the 4 key KAPA Science Surveys: (1) constraining dark matter/dark energy theories using strongly lensed galaxies and quasars, (2) testing theories of gravity using our Galaxy's supermassive black hole and its environment, (3) studying galaxy formation and evolution in detail with large samples of lensed galaxies, and (4) directly imaging young exoplanets in nearby star forming regions.

During the 2019 meeting, we will discuss performance predictions and science simulations needed to prepare for and take rapid advantage of KAPA’s first delivered hardware improvements.

Please note that the deadline for submitting abstracts for talks at the Keck Science Meeting is June 21, 2019. Click here for information.

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