ISSS-13 at UCLA September 6-14, 2018

The 13th International School/Symposium for Space Simulations (ISSS-13) took place on September 6-14, 2018 at UCLA. ISSS-13 was hosted by the UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department and was supported by the UCLA Dean of Physical Sciences, National Aeronautic and Space Association (NASA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The International School/Symposium for Space Simulations (ISSS) was first held in Kyoto, Japan in 1982, and for many years was guided by UCLA Physics Professor M. Ashour-Abdalla (USA) and Professors H. Matsumoto and T. Sato (Japan), and Professor R. Gendrin (France). Since then the School/Symposium has regularly been held approximately every 2 to 3 years rotating between North America, Asia and Europe, educating generations of young space plasma scientists in numerical simulations. Previous recent ISSS schools are listed below.

ISSS-13 adopted the classical scheme of ISSS events starting with the four-day School held September 6-9, 2018, followed by the five-day Symposium September 10-14, 2018. Continuing in a long-term tradition of the ISSS meetings, the program was devoted to teaching of space plasma simulation techniques and sharing of state-of-the-art simulation advances and results with students, post-docs and researchers in plasma physics. ISSS-13 brought together the most recent theoretical advances, numerical simulations and spacecraft observational results to address outstanding problems in space and astrophysical plasma physics.

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