This three-day workshop will celebrate the career of Distinguished Professor Sudip Chakravarty, UCLA Physics & Astronomy.

Professor Chakravarty's research interest involves quantum theory of collective behavior of electronic systems. He is interested in theories of high temperature superconductivity, dissipative quantum systems, quantum phase transition and criticality, localization transition in interacting systems, and the concept of von Neumann entropy in quantum phase transitions. He is currently actively interested in competing electronic states in high temperature superconductors, in particular in understanding the surprising magnetic quantum oscillations discovered recently in these superconductors.

His past accomplishments include theories of quantum phase transition in double well and arrays of Josephson junction systems coupled to a dissipative bath, criticality of Ising spin glass through high-order series expansion, path-integral analysis of electronic weak localization in disordered electrons, quantum magnetism and criticality in Heisenberg magnets in relation to high temperature superconductors, electron-electron interaction based mechanism of superconductivity in doped fullerenes, frustrated kinetic energy driven superconductivity in multilayered high temperature superconductors, and the proposal of the hidden d-density wave order as an explanation of the enigmatic pseudogap phase in high temperature superconductors, which he is still vigorously pursuing.

Invited speakers

  • Robert Laughlin, Stanford University
  • Doug Scalapino, UC Santa Barbara
  • Bert Halperin, Harvard University
  • Subir Sachdev, Harvard University
  • Steven Kivelson, Stanford University
  • Chetan Nayak,UC Santa Barbara
  • Sri Raghu, Stanford University
  • Pallab Goswami, Northwestern University
  • Hae-Young Kee, University of Toronto
  • Vidya Madhavan, UIUC
  • Mike Mulligan, UC Riverside
  • Peter Armitage, Johns Hopkins
  • Brad Ramshaw, Cornell
  • Alessandra Lanzara, UC Berkeley
  • Robert Birgeneau, UC Berkeley
  • Murphy Yuezhen Niu, MIT



  • Stuart Brown
  • Joseph Rudnick
  • Zvi Bern


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